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We offer Advanced Family & Divorce Mediators


Lawyers have handled divorce cases for years and certainly they are an important part of the process.  However, It can be more expensive and time consuming to take a divorce case through multiple adversarial hearings in court;  sometimes it makes sense to handle divorces cases through mediation.  Whether the parties have hired lawyers or not, mediation is often the most cost effective way to finalize a divorce.

The facts are that laws exist that already dictate much of the assigning of the financial assets, as well as the arrangements in regard to custody of children.

Because of the frequent connections that continue after the marriage ends, more couples are trying to minimize potentially devastating and conflicting emotional and behavioral effects they then have to live with—personally and in the ongoing relationships that were previously shared.

These conflicts not only affect the couple, but others intimately involved in the previously shared life of the couple—children and all the people and activities included there, other family members and friends, and even shared professional lives—many relationships frequently continue beyond the life of the marriage. The adversarial process can create a situation replete with conflict afterwards.

That is why we, at Mediators of Texas, we use our skilled staff of mediators to help end the marriage with minimal emotional, physical, behavioral, and financial consequences.

We work to minimize the adversarial situation, and we try to make this a significantly less expensive divorce process.

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