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Very kind words from one of our participants. Thank you for being in our class and allowing us to share your experience Rich!

What our Students are Saying About Our Classes

“I wouldn’t let anybody be trained anywhere else!”
– Dulcie W. Attorney/ Mediator

“Makes me feel like I can do this! Thanks for the positive, happy attitudes of the trainers. You guys were very encouraging and looked for the good in us all.”
– Review Basic Mediation Class 2016

“A very comprehensive presentation of mediation and its role in CPS cases.  The materials and presentations are the best I have see in 40 years of CLE. A shorter version of this program should be given to the State Bar.”
-Emil P. (Retired Judge)

“Y’all are the ones who deserve praise – your efforts are appreciated by not only the judges but the parties and attorneys in particular. Thank you again for helping out in any way possible and we look forward to your return in the near future. Should y’all have any other questions or need help with something in the meantime I’m always happy to help to the best of my abilities.”
-Jacob Stokes (Court Administrator’s Office – Family Law Docket Manager – Travis County Civil Courts)

I am so impressed with this course and especially with the amazing trainers. I have learned so much so fast and am excited to move forward. Thank you MOT for this new future.”
-Joy L.

“Great program will recommend to attorneys and friends interested in mediation.”
-Attorney Mediator, San Antonio Basic 2016

“We were provided the means, now the effort to success is ours. And while one can not learn everything in 5 days, the workbooks provided have a wealth of knowledge to continue learning about the craft”
-John R.

“Very well organized. Full of information and application of real life experiences; I thought the class was exceptional.”
-Kenna K. (Business Owner)

“This is my second training with MOT. You are thorough and frankly the training has also made me a more effective lawyer. This was a great course. Most beneficial was the training material binder. I will be using it often.”
-Lynnette B. (Attorney, San Antonio)

“I enjoyed the mocks. How we worked through them as a class and discussed in steps was most beneficial. You guys did great. I almost think you could add another day for more discussion. Great job!”
-Brandi C. (Attorney)

“Having such a collaborative atmosphere helped with understanding the complex information.”
-Fancy A. (Business Owner)

“The manual, guest speakers, and facilitator’s real life scenarios were most beneficial”.
-Josselyn S. (Parenting Facilitator and Coordinator)

“Loved this class! Every area was a benefit to me and the work I do.”
-Sandra M. (Educator)

 “The mock sessions were challenging but gave us an opportunity to practice, practice, and practice. Everything in the class was beneficial. The information is great and helpful.”
Monica P. (Educator)

 “This was a great learning environment.  The facilitators were outstanding. The mocks were very necessary and effective.”
-Mark C. (Business Owner)

 “I thought the content was thorough and was balanced for those of us who have mediated lots vs. those new to mediation.”
-Todd A. (Attorney-Mediator, Dallas)

 “The training was extremely thorough. I felt exceptionally welcome and comfortable from the very first session. Role playing was the most helpful.”
-Lynnette B. (Attorney, San Antonio)

 “I have not attended a training where I felt as seen and heard as this one. I found most beneficial the ability to practice without fear of judgment. I loved, loved, loved this training!”
-Olga S. (LCSW, Austin)

 “All facilitators were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Great program!”
-Michael W. (Retired Attorney, San Antonio)

MAA Guest Speakers

Mediation Class Guest Speakers Have Included:

  • Judge J. McMaster – Williamson County
  • Judge Donna King – Williamson County.
  • Judge Rick J. Kennon – Williamson County
  • Mandy Vega – Court Coordinator
  • David Brown – WilCo Family Justice
  • Attorney Justin Jackson
  • Attorney Kerry O’Brien – EEOC
  • Attorney Tom King
  • Attorney Jimmy Evans – Evans Family Law Firm
  • Attorney Stacy Allen – Jackson Walker Law Firm
  • Sandra Aguilar – Guardian Ad Litem
  • R. Kent Morrison – BSG Securities & Active Navel Reserve
  • Along with many others & Many more exiting guest speakers to come!
Image showing guest speakers at MAA classes
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