We have highly skilled mediators with real world experience to help you with special needs cases. At MAA we understand that Your situation is unique to you; let us assist you with an outcome that is tailored to fit the case at hand!

Our Mediators vary in backgrounds and have studied in areas such as; Family law, oil and gas law, civil, defense, corporate problems, business mergers, landlord and tenant disputes, real estate and family assets, equine and agricultural studies, veterans affairs, service animals, and much more!

Don’t you want the best possible solution for you? Mediation allows for your input in your case rather than a verdict.

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Family & Divorce Mediation

Please note, we are not acting as your attorneys, lawyers, or giving legal advice. Please read the website carefully. If we accept your case, we will be acting as your mediators. If you wish to continue, please let MAA know.