How To Become A Mediator In Texas


Becoming a Mediator in Texas is relatively easy for those interested in settling disputes and helping others work through issues. You do have to be committed to learning alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques in a class approved by the Texas Mediator Trainers Roundtable (TMTR). This class is only 40 hours and is often completed in one week.

The class is only 40 hours and is often completed in only one week.

The great thing about learning to become a Mediator is that the classes are interactive, lively and ONLINE!

Our Basic Mediation Class is open to all who are interested in becoming Mediators and we have special rates for veterans, law enforcement and first responders.

Becoming a Mediator can lead to a successful career and receiving a Mediator Certificate can also enhance your current position.  For instance, we have many educators who take our classes so that they can head towards a promotion.  We have Human Resource (HR) professionals become mediators to help them learn how to settle difficult employee disputes before they become litigious.  Lawyers become Mediators as a second career or use mediation in their practice to help speed along clients’ priorities.

A Mediation career can be lucrative, especially if you have a unique background or interest. For instance, some mediators just handle “golf club disputes.”  Others handle “oil and gas” cases.  A background in insurance or medical training is in demand.  Many mediators decide to enter the family resolution area and become divorce mediation specialists.  Others handle child protective services cases which can be very fulfilling.

A Mediation career can be lucrative, especially if you have a unique background or interest. 

I have a practice that includes “animal abuse” cases.  Because of my love for horses and dogs and because my family foundation Mrs. Allen’s Rescue Ranch donates services dogs to veterans, I have a special interest in helping animals in need.  This can lead to some fun work!  For instance, there was a recent mediation in which a couple was fighting over who was going to take custody of their four cats when they separated.  Luckily for the cats, we worked it out so that they could stay together; they were just shuttled back and forth between two different houses.

It’s also great mediating situations where attorneys are involved.  As a mediator, you can learn so much from lawyers who are involved in transactional work and litigation.  As a mediator, I sometimes handle intellectual property issues and patent disputes and every case I have had has been a great learning opportunity.  I often feel like I’m a Shark from “Shark Tank,” finding out about utility and design patents on some really clever products.

Our Mediation class at Mediators and Arbitrators of America is certainly not the only class in Texas that can train you to become a mediator, but we do have some wonderful trainers and now that it’s ONLINE you can do the training from your own home! AND we do strive to make it fun and to keep you awake while you are learning.

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