Request a Mediator:

Fees and scheduling are subject to availability. Please make sure to read our fees and cancellation policy.

MAA will provide lunch at no additional cost for full day meditations held at our Austin Area Offices! Special Discounts for Veterans.

Mediation Pricing:

  • Full Day (8 Hours) – From $1000.00 to $3000 per party.
  • Half Day (4 Hours) – From $500.00 to $1500 per party.
  • For multiparty, family/divorce and complex litigation disputes which require multiple mediation sessions, please contact us at 512-966-9222 to discuss services and fees.
  • Travel time is billed at $100.00 per hour. Travel time and expenses will be divided between the parties.

Cancellations and Rescheduling:

  • After a mediation is scheduled, the parties must cancel or reschedule in writing seven days before the scheduled date.  If the mediation is not cancelled or rescheduled within seven days, we will provide credit towards a different mediation date.
  • The daily rate charged each party includes up to two hours per party for reviewing pre-mediation submissions.

Post-mediation Services:

  • The daily rate includes up to 1 hour of post-session follow-up at no additional charge.  Beyond one hour, a $250.00 per hour rate will apply, to be divided equally by the parties.

Form of Payment:

  • All fees shall be paid by cash, check, or credit/ debit cards.
  • Special Rates Mediation Services for Veterans.
  • Fees for In-house Dispute Resolution Training vary, contact us for pricing.
  • Contact MAA directly via phone or email for details: 512-966-9222 or [email protected].

Please note, we are not acting as your attorneys, lawyers, or giving legal advice. Please read the website carefully. If we accept your case, we will be acting as your mediators. If you wish to continue, please let MAA know.

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Questions? Call us at (512) 966-9222 or Email us at [email protected]