Barbara Ann Allen, J.D.

Attorney, Mediator, Arbitrator, Ombudsman, Executive Coach, Lead Conflict Resolution Trainer & Certified Anger Resolution Therapist
Mediators and Arbitrators of America

Phone: 512-966-9222 (Office)

Barbara Allen JD specializes in resolving commercial disputes, family/divorce settlements, and cost-effective resolution of high-stakes litigation arising from complex business transactions, personal injury, divorce, breach of contract, employment issues, insurance, and infringement of intellectual property rights.


  • Yale Law School
  • Yale University School of Management
  • Smith College
  • USSR Pushkin Institute
  • Middlebury College
  • Dispute Resolution Center Advanced Family Mediation
  • University of Texas School of Law Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution


  • California Bar Association, Family Law and Business Sections
  • Austin and Williamson Counties Bar Associations
  • International Ombudsman Association
  • and
  • Texas Mediator Trainer’s Roundtable
  • Texas Association of Mediators
  • Association of Attorney Mediators
  • John Tarleton Society Gold
  • Texas A&M Chancellor’s Century Council
  • Texas A&M Legacy Society
  • Austin Association of Mediators

Selected Publications:

  1. The Business Lawyer
    “Bankruptcy Code Section 304 and U.S. Recognition of Foreign Bankruptcies: The Tyranny of Comity.” Volume 39, No. 4  1984
  2. The Pacific Law Journal
    “Will James Stewart’s Rear Window Become A Pane in the Glass?” Volume 22, No. 1  1990
  3. Whittier Law Review
    “California’s Proposition 51:Ambiguities in Apportionment and the Impact on Federal Interpleader and Intrastate Settlement.” Voluume 12, No. 2  1991
  4. Regency Press
  5. ON ALL FOURS: Develop the Perfect Relationship with Your Pet, Non-Fiction  1999