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The Mediators at Mediators of Texas (“MOT”) focus on certain specialty groups to resolve conflicts and provide training for family, friends and staff members who come in contact with these populations on a daily basis.

Elder and Adult Care Mediation Services

Mediators of Texas (“MOT”) is proud to offer mediation services in the area of elder and adult care. Elder and adult care mediation is a collaborative problem solving process, facilitated by a trained, neutral third party to assist older adults and their families navigating the challenge of ageing. A trained elder care mediator can help elders and their families address issues including health and medical care, end of life care and decisions, how to share family care-giving, care-giving schedules and expenses, living arrangements, property maintenance, finances, family business transactions, guardianship decisions, driving concerns, and probate matters such as wills, estates, trusts, and property distribution.

Elder and adult care mediation can enable proactive families to reach quality, respectful discussions that lead to the consideration of emerging opportunities to resolve conflict that potentially could tear them apart financially and emotionally. In addition to working with families in need, MOT also provides mediation and arbitration services to those entities in the ageing industry such as independent living communities, assisting living facilities, senior living homes, memory care homes, hospitals, and businesses that provide other senior services.

Child Protective Service Mediation (CPS):

MOT’s CPS mediators meet the highest standards of conflict resolution, ethical guidelines, and comply with the highest state and federal standards.

LGTBQ Mediation Services:

MOT mediates issues arising from discrimination in work and living situations.

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