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The Mediators at Mediators of Texas (“MOT”) focus on specialty groups to resolve conflicts and provide training for family, friends and staff members who come in contact with these populations on a daily basis.

MOT is well versed in Civil Disputes, and takes great pride in helping parties to create a settlement that is best suited to everyone’s needs.

According to the 2015 Civil Mediation Council, mediation is a flexible process that can be used to settle disputes in a whole range of situations such as: consumer, disputes, contract disputes, family disputes, neighborhood disputes.The role of the mediator is to help parties reach a solution to their problem and to arrive at an outcome that both parties are happy to accept. Mediators avoid taking sides, making judgments or giving guidance. They are simply responsible for developing effective communications and building consensus between the parties. The focus of a mediation meeting is to reach a common sense settlement agreeable to both parties in a case.

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Please note, we are not acting as your attorneys, lawyers, or giving legal advice. Please read the website carefully. If we accept your case, we will be acting as your mediators. If you wish to continue, please let MOT know.