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Are you confident that your employees know how to communicate with your clientele in all situations? Do they possess the knowledge of communication techniques necessary for the success of your organization? Do your managers have the skill sets to properly evaluate employees, institute performance improvement plans and provide guidance with minimum confrontation? Are your institutional policies understood and followed?


Institute of Communication (“IOC”) takes a different approach to training.   As an example, there are dozens of companies which offer classes in “conflict resolution”.   We provide training to help avoid or decrease conflict before it requires a resolution. As I am sure you are aware, resolving a conflict which has reached a point requiring management intervention often costs the organization time, money and positive client relations.  


IOC training programs also help employees and managers understand which communication techniques are necessary to be successful when working in or leading small and large groups, and achieving cooperation when creating new policy, procedures and their implementation. IOC (a division of Mediators of Texas) has the knowledge, real world experience and instructional skills necessary to provide employees at all levels of the organization with the competencies necessary for success.  IOC instructors have held management and executive positions in private industry, government and/or military service.  


IOC offers the following one-day classes to help participants achieve crucial communication skills. While designed as a three-part series, each class can be taken as “stand alone” instruction. A practitioner’s manual and certificate of completion is provided to each participant.


Class One:    Communicating Successful Solutions with Minimum (or no) Conflict

6 hour interactive classroom instruction, group discussion, role-plays:

  • Successful active listening, intentional and direct questioning, and understanding worldview
  • Resolving a conflict before resolution is necessary – crucial conversations
  • The importance of body language in critical conversations
  • Understanding individual communication preferences
  • Exploring the three types of communication models: Linear, Interactional and Transactional
  • Individual and small group negotiation techniques and strategies  
  • Multi-Assessment (360 Degree) Performance Evaluation processes

 Role Play 1:  Manager presenting a poor evaluation to an employee

Role Play 2:  Counseling an employee accused of abuse of sick leave


Class Two:   Achieving Success Working within Group Culture

6  hour interactive classroom instruction, group discussion, role-plays:

  • Negotiation within a group setting
  • Teamwork, effectiveness and enhanced productivity
  • Collective decision-making
  • Understanding the nature and practice of group interaction
  • Cultural Identity and Group Dynamics
  • The power of the many and the influence of the few

Role Play 1:  Taking charge of a newly established group

Role Play 2:  Handling discord among group members


Class Three:    Putting the Plan into Action:  Strategic Planning and Achieving Goals

6  hour interactive classroom instruction, group discussion, role-plays:

  • Strategic planning and goal development
  • Determining action protocols by concentrating on desired outcomes
  • Information gathering and analysis
  • Analyzing and communicating goals to a designated audience
  • Evaluation and improvement/revision of goals


Role Play:  As a group, discuss an organizational goal and agree on an implementation strategy.


IOC is a Texas-based company and can provide training at a location of your choice or you can come to IOC offices.  Cost is $700.00 per student per class. Group rates are available. A working lunch is provided.   

Note:  Cost for students who are veterans or on active duty is $500.00 per student per class.

For further information or to discuss designing a class, please contact Pete Wittenberg directly at 410-949-4393 or at wittenberg252@gmail.com